Homeowners testimonials

“Stellar, professional service.”

   I would like to say that if any homeowners in Harbor Country are looking for an honest, trustworthy, friendly person to handle your vacation rental home, you need to give Tonya at Aqua Vacation Rentals a call!

— Trusted Home owner

They are great about communicating any issues that need to be addressed and following through

As a second homeowner it is always such a relief to return to our home during or after the rental season and find our house in better condition than when we left.  Tonya and Henry always take very good care of our home whether it is maintenance issues, emergency issues, cleaning or repairs. They are great about communicating any issues that need to be addressed and following through with getting things done.  We’ve been renting for many years now and all our friends are always shocked at how well our home is taken care of by Aqua and their staff. We highly recommend Aqua Vacation Rentals to all of our friends and colleagues.

We know they are looking out for our best interest at all times.

We have been using Aqua Vacation Rentals for the last 2 years and have been extremely pleased with their services.  We know they are looking out for our best interests at all times. We used another company in the past and Aqua surpassed the other company in all aspects of business!  We wish we had found them sooner! Thanks Tonya and Henry for being honest, reliable and making us feel at ease!


Everything we wanted and more.·        

We have worked with Tonya and Aqua Vacation Rentals since early 2011. Managing our two Harbor Country homes as absentee owners would be impossible without them.  I recommend their services without reservation.  Not only are our two homes rented for almost the entire summer season May through October, Tonya identifies and fixes problems while they are small, before they become big.  She screens prospective renters, checks them in and out.  If renters (or even neighbors) have a problem or question, Tonya is readily available to help them.  She acts as our general contractor for repair projects.  Renting and maintaining our two homes successfully wouldn’t be possible without Tonya and her Aqua Vacation Rentals staff.  We are huge fans.

aqua has gone above and beyond

I have used Aqua Vacation Rentals for several years and I appreciate their focus on all details, large and small from making sure my home is full during the rental season to personally welcoming every guest.  I trust and rely upon Aqua during the full year.  The team has gone above and beyond what I consider to be standard management services and I highly recommend them to even the most discerning client. (Chicago homeowner)   

"Wonderful Company”

Aqua Vacation Rentals is a wonderful company.  They provide expert service, show great attention to detail and share their extensive knowledge.  As owners, we are very happy to have Aqua in charge and our renters report the same.  Everybody wins! (Overseas homeowner)

Trust in her ability and judgement,

This is our fourth year of working with Tonya to rent our home.  When we first met, she gave us helpful and well-considered advice about the best way to present our property to the optimum advantage.
Along with her team, and husband Henry, Tonya has worked very hard to make sure our home has been rented as much as possible.  She has been unerring in finding renters who have been very respectful of the property, inside and out.  She’s made sure all the small details have been attended to, so that people who come for a vacation feel comfortable and welcome.
Throughout, Tonya has been professional and friendly.  We have felt an enormous trust in her ability and judgement, both in protecting our interests and in providing a carefree, enjoyable time for the guests.

We have complete peace of mind

Before we started renting our home as a vacation rental, We interviewed several area agencies in Harbor Country and we chose Tonya!!  We know our home is in good hands and we have complete peace of mind knowing that Tonya takes great care of our home.  We have recommended her to our friends, to list their vacation rental, and they are just as happy with her. (West Coast homeowner)

Loved by Travelers